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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Cheryl at Wandering (and wondering) through YA Lit has honored me with the Versatile Blogger Award. According to the rules, I'm supposed to share seven things about myself, then pass the award on to fifteen blogs I've recently discovered.

Here are seven pretty random facts about me:
1. I own a signed first edition of White Teeth by Zadie Smith.
2. My favorite boxer is Manny Pacquiao.
3. My favorite boxing trainer is Freddy Roach.
4. I am owned by a Pomeranian.
5. I was born in Maine but have lived in the South for 22 years.
6. I have finished the Barsetshire series by Trollope, and have only two novels left in the Palliser series.
7. As a child I decided that I would always live near the beach, and for 22 years I have.

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June G said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me and honoring me with this award! The stars are definitely aligned in my favor.

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

Thanks for sharing this award. I am honored to be included on such a list of excellent book blogs!

TNBBC Super Mod said...

Thank you so much for giving me the award. I am thrilled :)

Super Librarian said...

Thanks for my first award! Love those random facts.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thanks so much for the award. I'm very honored. I'll pass it on to other fabulous book bloggers.

By the way, I'm owned by a yellow labrador. :)

Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

Oh, hey, thanks. Good company.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Thank you for the award - I love it! You made me smile :D

Julie P said...

Congratulations on the award!

Shan said...

Thank you so much for passing on the award to me!

BookQuoter said...

Congratulations on all your awards. You certainly deserve it.

the Ape said...

There is something great about the fact that you have a favorite boxing trainer.

bibliophiliac said...

Ape, Freddy Roach is the best! I would love to have him in my corner.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award. I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading th
Roug your posts :)