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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Middlemarch Readalong

An Armchair by the Sea is hosting the most irresistible readalong (for me)! The book I always cite as "my favorite book." Middlemarch. It's a book I've read five or six times already (an estimate)....But I haven't read it since 2010, so it's more than time. I'm looking forward to interacting with other readers, and hearing what other people think of this panoramic novel that I think is the perfect Victorian novel.

The schedule and sign-up for the readalong is here. The first week of the readalong is June 27-July 3 and it covers the first fourteen chapters of the novel. Let's do this readers!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad that you're a mega fan of Middlemarch, it's the first time I've read the novel and I am a little hesitant. I'm onto chapter 10 and starting to like it more. Eliot is the queen of introducing characters, let me say! Looking forward to reading your impressions and enthusiasm for this book.

anarmchairbythesea said...

I'm glad we've got someone who's a Middlemarch veteran haha! Lots of us are first timers and it'll be interesting to have a variety of reactions and experiences while we read. I'm really enjoying it so far - it's kind of Austenian but with more politics and opinions, which I love!

Pan Alchemist said...

I am impressed! I can't wait to hear all that you have to say on Middlemarch. Rereading a book gives a lot more insight into the story, and I think, especially as my impression of the plot so far is "involved, slightly overwhelming and 'so many people to remember!'", you are going to be able to make connections that us newbs are not going to see. I am really looking forward to your input!