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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten is:

Top Ten Goals or Resolutions for 2015......

There are two kinds of people: those who make resolutions, and those who resolutely refuse. It just so happens that I LOVE making resolutions. After all, it's a list!

For those naysayers who declare that no one ever keeps a resolution: I say you are wrong. A few years ago my list of resolutions included cultivating a habit of daily meditation. Well. that year I made progress toward the goal, but didn't achieve it. But because I had made the resolution, written it down, and thought about it, the intention was there. Eventually, meditation did become part of my daily life. So every year, at the end of December, I begin making my list. I usually try to keep it short (five is a pretty good number). And I save my lists so I can go back and see how I've done, and what patterns show themselves over the years.

This list isn't quite so serious... but it is intentional. Here are my bookish resolutions for 2015:

1. In 2015 I plan to spend more time rereading. There's always a conflict for me, because there is only so much time for reading. Am I missing something splendid by rereading a book? But more and more I am coming to think that any book that is worth my time is worth rereading. So I plan to give in to my impulse to reread.
2. Read more classics. I say this every year, but the classics are the most deeply rewarding books for me. And that Classics Club list is haunting me!
3. Read more comics and graphic novels. There are so many good ones out there!
4. Write more about what is happening in my classroom (here in this space, and maybe in other spaces out there in the blogosphere).
5. Read some speculative fiction and fantasy. After reading some really excellent fantasy (China Mieville, Patrick Rothfuss, George R.R. Martin) I need to continue to explore this genre.
6. Post at least once a week. So people know I'm alive. And reading.
7. Write blog posts on bookish topics that aren't necessarily book reviews. And approach book reviews in some different ways (short reviews, author profiles, etc.).
8. Read Haruki Murakami.
9. Read diversely: choose to read books by people of diverse backgrounds about diverse people.
10. Read without ceasing. The easiest resolution to keep.

Here's a long-ish quote from Henry David Thoreau that I absolutely love--and it says everything that needs to be said about why we should all spend time reading. It's from the section in Walden called "Reading":
No wonder that Alexander carried the Iliad with him on his expeditions in a precious casket. A written word is the choicest of relics. It is something at once more intimate with us and more universal than any other work of art. It is the work of art nearest to life itself. It may be translated into every language, and not only be read but actually breathed from all human lips;--not be represented on canvas or in marble only, but be carved out of the breath of life itself.

Do you make resolutions, bookish or otherwise? What are your goals for 2015?


danicapage said...

Sounds like you have some great resolutions. Best of luck to you. And happy reading in 2015.

Here's mine

bibliophiliac said...

@Danica-Thanks! Happy reading and Happy New Year!

Iliana said...

Great resolutions! I always say read more classics too and unfortunately last year wasn't a good one for that but hey, here's a new year coming! I hope you get to discover Murakami - I loved Sputnik Sweetheart.

bibliophiliac said...

@Iliana-I read one book by Murakami a long time ago: A Wild Sheep Chase. Now I have a stack of his books, and everyone I know raves about him. 2015 will be the year of Murakami!

Lisa said...

Oh, yes, do read Murakami!

bibliophiliac said...

@Lisa-I know! Everyone says that!