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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday Coffee

I'm Going to Ramble

You are forewarned.

Even though I haven't actually read anything for this challenge yet, I am committed to the Europa Challenge--the brainchild of Marie of The Boston Bibliophile. If you don't already read Marie's blog, you really need to fix that. She is erudite without being pedantic, and she writes smart, readable, honest reviews. Here's the pretty button:
I've never taken part in a challenge before, but this year I am committing to at least two. The other challenge I'm definitely taking part in is the Japanese Literature Challenge 5 hosted by Dolce Bellezza. Here is the utterly gorgeous button:

Here's another intriguing challenge I'm considering: Frances at Nonsuch Book has launched a reading challenge, The Art of the Novella Reading Challenge. She plans to read all 42 books published by Melville House in their Art of the Novella series. Of course, if you decide to participate, you don't have to read all 42 novellas (but you could).
Random Links
Can you imagine a reviewer at the New York Review of Books publishing a dialogue between a reviewer and a writer whose book was reviewed? That's not how traditional publishing and reviewing works. But here in the blogosphere, anything can happen, and Greg at The New Dork Review of Books has a great post about the blogger/novelist relationship--a follow-up to his review of Fight for Your Long Day by Alex Kudera. In the post, Greg and Alex have a conversation about the roles of the novelist and the blogger. Part 2 of the conversation will be posted on Monday.

And while I'm feelin' linky, here are three blogs you need to check out:

Read Heavily

Jacquelin Cangro

Books are My Boyfriends

I discovered each of these writers on twitter (my secret addiction). Special enough to pass along.

The Autumn Wind
Now that I'm going back to school on Monday, I'm really looking forward to those crisp fall mornings. NOT. Yes, I'm going back to school on Monday. Crisp mornings-not so much. It has been unbearably hot for just-about-ever here in Coastal South Carolina. We're talking triple digit "feels like" temperatures. I know you are feeling it too, because no matter where you live, you are experiencing the same thing. Thank goodness for air-conditioning.

There was so much more I was going to say. Like I was going to ask, where's my Grover Norquist? I need someone to step forward and get some politicians to sign a pledge: a pledge not to harm children, those living in poverty, the unemployed, and public education. I need a Grover who will convince public servants to promise that no matter what, they will not enact legislature or budget cuts that will affect this powerful special interest group: children, the unemployed, and those living in poverty.

Oh, and my high school students are much more mature than Congress.


bermudaonion said...

I hope you have a wonderful school year! I don't think there's anyone less mature than Congress.

Frances said...

Thanks for the mention and I do hope you join us. These books are wonderful and I am currently thrilled with the novella reading experience - rich content in compact form. Also loving today's ramble! Much food for thought.

bibliophiliac said...

@bermudaonion-no kidding!
@frances-thanks for hosting the novella challenge. It just might be the perfect challenge for a busy teacher!

Robyn Ryle said...

You are my very favorite rambler. Please feel free to ramble until your hearts content.

martha said...
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bibliophiliac said...

@Robyn-I do so love to ramble!
@Martha-thanks for stopping by....