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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Coffee

The past three weeks I've been completely caught up in the Coastal Savannah Writing Project, with very little time for anything else. I've written a personal narrative, an informational piece, and I'm in the midst of researching and writing a persuasive essay.

On Friday we went to downtown Savannah for an all-day writing marathon. My group wrote on River Street, in the lobby of the Hyatt, in Ellis Square, and in Market Square (where the local "poet laureate" recited his poems to us). Then we walked over to the Telfair Museum and shared some of our writing with the whole group.

Most of my reading has been related to the class: The 9 Rights of Every Writer by Vicki Spandel and What a Writer Needs by Ralph Fletcher, plus articles and books for my presentation (Using The Writer's Notebook as a Strategy for Developing Voice in Student Writers). I really didn't know how all-encompassing this Summer Institute would be.

When I'm done with the Institute I plan to plunge myself back into reading. Lined up now are a lovely stack of books for The Europa Challenge. Plus a few titles I picked up the other day (buy two, get the third free...). More about that tomorrow.


Short Story Slore said...

That writing project sounds like so much fun! I'm signing up for a workshop class starting in September. It's good to get back into it after such a long break! Hope you get a lot done.

Aisle B said...

Wow it's summer time and you still are creating masterpieces!

I'd be hiding away but you're doing what you love the most. Writing :)