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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don Quixote Readalong

This is my first post for a Readalong of Don Quixote hosted by Stu Allen at Winston's Dad Blog 

We are reading the Edith Grossman translation of Don Quixote at a rate of 92 pages a week--I thought I would get off to a good start by beginning behind....Since I just got a Nook, I decided to download the Edith Grossman translation, while keeping my Modern Library edition translated by Samuel Putnam at hand for comparison.

Don Quixote is at once noble and ridiculous; his nobility arises out of his complete understanding of the code of chivalry, and his total dedication to gentility, chivalry, and noble deeds.  His ridiculousness arises out of his utter madness.  Picture the noble knight, driven mad by books.  He arrives at an inn, the doorway is flanked by two prostitutes.  He treats the prostitutes as delicate blossoms of genteel womanhood; they hand feed him because he refuses to remove his absurd helmet, patched together with cardboard.  As soon as the priest and the housekeeper started burning Quixote's books, I was completely behind his mad, book-besotted quest.

So far I have met Quixote's noble squire, Sancho Panza, witnessed the noble knight tilting at windmills, and seen an absurd battle in which Quixote's opponent protects himself with a pillow, for lack of a shield. In other words, so far the tale is witty, mordantly humorous, poignant and delightful.

Tom at A Common Reader has an excellent post with all kinds of nifty learned links.


Laura Kozy Lanik said...

Shoot, I didn't know about the readalong and have been wanting to read this book. I really like readalongs but now I am doing Northhanger Abbey and can't do two at the same time. I am curious to see if you like it.

Amanda said...

I'm glad you're liking this! I admit, I had to read this for a book club a couple years ago and I hated every minute of it. :( I loved studying it afterwards, though!

Anonymous said...

I think it great your using your new nook for this lisa ,it is very funny in places so wishing I ve had read it years ago ,all the best stu