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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Friday, May 14, 2010

Idle Questions

It's been a really long week. All I have are Idle Questions.

If most teachers violate copyright laws (via photocopies) does that mean Hell will be heavily populated by formerly overworked teachers? Will they still have students? Will they still have to grade papers? (The answer to that must be yes. Remember where we are).

Why in the world would I get into an argument with a teenager about the merits of punctuality? Why in the world would I get into an argument with a teenager about anything?

If the answer to the problems in public education is to fire all the bad teachers, why isn't the answer to all the problems on Wall Street to fire all the bad money managers, analysts, and traders? Why do they get bonuses for nearly destroying our economy while teachers and principals lose their jobs for not raising test scores sufficiently?

Informal poll question: If you could do what Thoreau did and go live alone in a cabin in the woods for a year, would you do it?


Melissa said...

Cabin in the woods, maybe.

Bungalow on the beach, HELL YES!

Love your thought provoking questions. :)

Lesa said...

Amen! Tell it, sister, tell it!

I'm cracking up over your copyright scenario-- too funny!

Does the cabin in the woods have plumbing?

bibliophiliac said...

Lesa, I'm sure Thoreau didn't mind the lack of plumbing, but we 21st c. folk have needs, and indoor plumbing is one of them. Miel, I love the bungalow on the beach idea.

Frances said...

I sense a teacher at the end of the school year? If so, right there with you! Every adult and child in the building wants out, and this year we have a bunch of snow days tacked on to the end of the year. But would I head to the woods for a year? No. A beach maybe. Happy reading!

Suey said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! You know, the year in the cabin thing has an appeal. As long as I didn't have to kill and cook my own food. Maybe if I could go to the store, I just might try it! :) Oh, and there would have to be books... and maybe a computer... and music of course... and...

DeLynne said...

Bibi, If we are going to Hell for copyright infringement, then I will be in Hell, I am sure, handing out copious photocopies for grade 9 Religion students to shred and litter across the school grounds. I will never see my darling Italian students or have a cup of tea with my mates in the staff room. I will have detention, bus and before school duties.

Honey Bee, love the name!

BookQuoter said...

Good questions!!

I am guilty of telling kids to copy their books so they don't have to carry such heavy backpacks!!

A year in the cabin, by myself, reading...

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Yes! I'd live in the woods. I've always wanted one of those mirco houses I heard about once on NPR.

As for the photocopies...I'm a former teacher and guilty.

bibliophiliac said...

So we are all agreed: we all have copy guilt, and all crave a little place somewhere (maybe just big enough for self, books, and writing desk);)