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A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. Franz Kafka

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Coffee: The Allure of the Series

My Game of Thrones Addiction

"Literary fiction" and the classics have always been my love. I don't have anything against science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction or any other genre, I just hadn't read much of them.

Suddenly, everything changed...

Yes, I discovered George R.R.Martin's series, A Song of Ice and Fire, best known by the title popularized by the HBO Series, Game of Thrones.

Beginning with the first book, Game of Thrones, I picked up the series on the recommendation of my daughter's boyfriend. I was immediately addicted.

Here are the books I've completed in the series:
Game of Thrones (720 pages)
A Clash of Kings (784 pages)
A Storm of Swords (1008 pages)
A Feast for Crows (978 pages)
That's a total of 3500 pages. And the series isn't even complete.
A Dance with Dragons is next, and then I'm like all the other George R.R. Martin fans, waiting for the man to finish writing this series....

What series has you hooked?


Kate said...

Lisa, I'm hooked on this series too! My husband recommend it to me and I couldn't put it down! Since he's taking his time coming out with new books I'm taking my time reading them. :) I've read the first three.

I've been out of the blooging loop these days (it's nice to be back!) - I saw your post and smiled. Hope you're doing well!

bibliophiliac said...

@Kate-Yay! Kate's Library returns! Welcome back and congratulations on your degree! It's kind of fun getting hooked on a book series. Hope your school year is going well. I'm having a great year, but of course, as usual, too busy!